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My journey so far

I began what I thought was my acting career in my late 30's after applying to an advert on Gumtree for average male models; I thought well I'm fairly average so why not give it a try. After Sailing through and being offered help at the cost of £2000 , I quickly worked out this was a scam and bid the agency my farewell. 

As I was reflecting on my train ride home, I received an email, there was no text or Subject but attached was my fist head-shot and I thought to myself:

Who is James Power? What if I could be a Famous Male Model, an actor/ presenter or even get into stand up comedy. 


Since that day I have started to slowly build my confidence and have had the chance to work alongside actors, supporting artists and the most fabulous crew. All of these people have given me a chance, helped show me the ropes and encouraged me to continue on my journey. 

I have one rule:

Follow your dreams and be happy!!

(oh and don't feed Mogwai after midnight) 

What can I do for you?

Currently available for bookings of my stand up routine and freelance comedy writing. 

 Also available for parts large and small, on and off screen. 

Maybe you are looking to expand your fashion brand into the a larger market;  I have a portfolio of clients in the world of commercial and plus sized fitting modelling I would happily lend my expertise.   

Current Projects

Developing my comedy routine by performing at clubs in and around London and hosting a verity of comedy and quiz events. 

Along side this I will be working on background within some of the UK's best known and loved Shows (there are also somethings i'm not allowed to talk about) 

who is James Power

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