Working as a fitting model

James Power. Stand up comedian,  MC, Supporting artist and plus sized model

What I do

Working as XXL fitting model for several high street fashion labels feeding back on their products and helping to ensure that their brands are not only reaching bigger sizes but the the men who wear them look there best.  

People are changing, plus size models represent real people, as such brands are looking to accommodate. 

I am also working as a commercial model for independent shoots 


The untapped market

however you look at it people are getting bigger; but the days when bigger men resigned themselves to not looking good are over. The baby boomers and and generation X have grown up in a time of staying younger for longer and they have an  expectation to look good!! for this reason they will go to the labels who look after them!  


Want to book me for your lable?

If you would like to book  me please send a message through the contact me section below, my experience and feedback will add value to your business. 

My measurements:

- Neck 18" 

- Chest  47"

- Waist  42" Formal 38" Casual 

- Inside Leg 29" 

- Shoe 11  

Do you want to book me?

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